Fogg Genealogy - Beginning with Samuel Fogg, English immigrant to Hampton, New Hampshire, in about 1646 - mlproudfoot
  • Chip Fogg

    on February 16, 2013

    In Phyllis Whitten's Samuel Fogg geneaology book, which I have, Samuel came to Hampton as a boy ... in 1640 ... and was apprenticed to William Fuller until 1647, when John Legat sued Fuller for failing to teach Samuel how to be a gunsmith. Samuel was then sent to be apprenticed to Isaac Cousins, "an expert smith" according to Winthrop's journal. Samuel had 4 years left to serve, which would have meant a total of 11 years' indentured. I believe John Legat was Mary's brother, yes ... and I also find many reasons to believe he was a London stacioner, a kinsman to Bartholomew, and a member of the Hornchurch-based family found to be the source of the "Seeker" movement in England at that time. It's an interesting history if you start digging.

  • Sam

    on February 11, 2013

    With all the latest on the finding of Richard lll, there was a Fogge in the court at the time. This was interesting because I have Fogg in my ancestry. My grandmother was Eleanor white Fogg, who married Col. Osgood A. Nickerson my grandfather.. Wondering if you have found any ancestors back to 1485 and whether perhaps Eleanor Fogg is familiar.